If you are taking Alexander Technique lessons, there are a great many very useful resources available to help you with the learning process. They have all been collected at Alexander Technique Self Study and a good first approach to this page would be to go through it fairly quickly and read, listen to, or watch anything that grabs your attention. Later, you might want to re-visit the page and investigate it more thoroughly.

Most of the materials on the page are free. There are a number of very useful books and videos listed on the page which you may want to purchase at some point.

If you are just starting with Alexander Technique lessons, I’ve Had my First Alexander Technique Lesson – What do I do Now? is a particularly useful article.

If you spend a lot of time sitting, this video contains some simple and practical advice of how to sit with ease.

Constructive rest is a powerful self-help process that comes out of the Alexander Technique. This page has a wealth of information about it.

When you have started doing the Alexander Technique constructive rest at home, you many find that some of the conversations at the Alexander Technique PodcastAlexander Talk and AlexanderAudio.com make a nice accompaniment to that process. Or, if you download them onto your iPod, they can be conveniently listened to while commuting to and from work. (You can subscribe to the Podcast with iTunes using it’s RSS feed.)