Robert Rickover teaching an Alexander Technique group classThe Alexander Technique is a method of learning how you can learn to release harmful tension and perform all your activities with greater ease and freedom.

The most comprehensive source of information about the Alexander Technique can be found at The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique. Since 1997, the award winning site has been the premier source of information about all aspects of the Technique.

Audio and Video Information about the Alexander Technique:

More Websites:

As the web has grown, so too have the number of more specialized sites devoted to the Alexander Technique. A few of the more important of these are listed below:

Alexander Technique Podcast – Wide rage of interviews about the Alexander Technique
Alexander Video – Alexander Technique videos
Alexander Talk – Incisive, lighthearted conversations about the Alexander Technique
Pilates and The Alexander Technique – An exploration of the many parallels betwen Pilates and FM Alexander, developer of the Alexander Technique
Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique – Exploring the relationships between these two fields
Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique
 – Posture, Movement, Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique Teacher Training – Information about training to become an Alexander Technique teacher
Alexander Technique Blogs – The best Alexander Technique blogs from around the world

Books and DVDs:

There are a great many Alexander Technique books and DVDs available at Alexander Technique Books (USA, Canada and the UK)